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Sex As God IntendedSex As God Intended

A Reflection On Human Sexuality As Play

Forward by Ken Page

Including Festschrift essays celebrating the life and work of John J. McNeill

Published 2008 by Lethe Press

In this latest book, Sex As God Intended, McNeill presents a simple and straightforward answer to the question: What did God invent sex for? The answer, derived from an incisive investigation of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, is that God intended sex as a source of pleasure, joy and love. This book represents a concise summary of the wisdom culled over a lifetime. McNeill's ideas have enriched the faith of thousands, including fellow teachers, religious scholars, ministers and lay folk.

This volume includes a Festschrift to John McNeill, celebrating his life and work in a series of essays by students, friends, and activists, honoring him for his lasting contribution and spelling out how he touched their lives and work.

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